Why robots?

Why are robots so important to the future survival of the Human Race? As I postulate in The Novosolarian Codex, we will have to develop very advanced robots to achieve the Exodus. And a lot of them as well. This is important for a lot of reasons.

First of all, we need scouts. Humans timespan is still extremely limited, and to investigate the Solar System, and later on, the Galaxy, will be a mind-bogglingly timeconsuming challenge. It will be vary dangerous for humans (a little less so for robots), and it is assumed that artificial minds will not be plagued by boredom and similar byproducts of spacetravel. Hordes of robotic probes will pave the way to space for us.

They will investigate entire solar systems for asteroids, planets and orbital positions of interest for habitation or material/energy resources.

After they find attractive places to colonize, they will prepare the arrival of humans by constructing more robots, energy plants, habitation units, bases, cities, spaceports, farms. These robots will probably have some nanotechnological properties, they might even be planet-transforming nanoseeds.

Once we arrive, they will build defenses, robotic service units, industrial production plants, spaceships and planetary transportation infrastructure.

We will ourselves be blended with or modified by the robots. Organs will be replaced by artificial or improved variants to prolong our lifespan. Bones will be protected against the inevitable weakening in space by alloys or modifications. Nanorobots will patrol our bodies and remove dangerous agents or mutant cells.


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