Thud! Review: Rock Solid!!!!!

Terry Pratchett has more than done it again - Thud! is another masterpiece. Pratchett has increasingly been writing novels that not just mimic/debate elements from our world in a Discworld setting (like "Movin Pictures"), but are now about the discworld itself (yeah, right, I know there's all sorts of terror/mideast/mulim-christian references). Thud! is such a novel, describing new elements of dwarf and troll culture, a curse, weird happenings beneath Ankh-Morpork and (his grace) Samuel Vimes (or "Insert Name Here", as his Gooseberry calls him) at his very best, and the invention of a new board game, while we are at it. A definite page-turner. Exiting, extremely funny, scary, original, free of restraints and practically written for quotes. The pleasure of pure genious. Harry Potter, go ghugh yerself. Only drawback is the fact that Terry is more or less only able to get around writing one book every year. A piece of advice for the man: You are on a winning streak right now, exploit it and keep that keyboard clicking.


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