Widespread, easily available space travel

What does the concept "widespread, easily available space travel" as defined in the Novosolarian Codex actually mean? The basic principle must be that we want to improve the human condition and liberate technology. So the first evident answer is the Space Elevator. The idea of a system that with a very small amount of energy moves large amounts of people and related stuff into orbit. Once we are there, going places are cheap.

Well, yes, the space elevator is the cheap way of reaching if not the stars, then the planets, but it is not the FREE way. If it is ever brought into reality it will be the most heavily patrolled and controlled means of transportaion in the history of humanity. It will definitely not be a tool for the liberation of the masses. Governments will control who can and when they can use the space elevator. And it will be a prime target for terror attacks.

What we need is something similar to the skycar. A system that can be documented, replicated, improved on, is individual and independant. Why is the car so important to Americans? It is the ultimate symbol of individual independence. We need something like that for space travel. The only present relevant projects are, IMHO, Skycar and Spaceship One/Scaled Composites.

We don't have it yet, but once we have a system that can bring individuals into space without the consent and discernment of their governments, we have true personal freedom.


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